Mobile water treatment plant

Effective even in the most extreme conditions

Immediate intervention

We develop mobile equipments that, in an integral way and without the need of additional investments, are the best system to immediately supply drinking water in isolated places, or in emergency situations, since they can be adapted to any terrain.

Our SETAQUA model mobile water purifiers have been homologated and are used by Public and Private Institutions in the five continents, such as International Red Cross, AECID, UNICEF, ISABEL II CHANNEL, ACTION AGAINST HUNGER…etc.

Our mobile equipment is operative with any type of water, be it river, well or sea water. They are highly resistant and are designed to operate in the most extreme situations without the need of specialized personnel.

They can be installed on a trailer, dolly or container, from where they can be operated.

An ideal equipment when an immediate solution to drinking water supply problems is needed.

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