Water purification plant

Municipal Infrastructures

Integral response

Urban water treatment plants are suitable as permanent infrastructures for large population centers, with a minimum operating cost per m3 of treated water.

These stations can be of several types:


Environment adaptation

Depending on the characteristics of the water to be treated and the limits required by the regulations in force in the country where the project is to be carried out,
the different possible alternatives will have to be analyzed according to considerations such as investment and operating costs, required surface, complementary environmental impact (visual, noise, odors, etc.), technological capacity of the resources to be used, in accordance with the capacity of the means to be made available for operation, etc.

Permanent guarantee

Our activity in this type of projects includes the engineering, manufacturing, execution and supervision as well as the maintenance and operation of the works carried out, both in new construction facilities and in the rehabilitation and improvement of existing ones.
rehabilitation and improvement of existing installations.
operation, etc.

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